financial ratios examples

Some of the important efficiency ratios include the asset turnover ratio, inventory turnover, payables turnover, working capital turnover, fixed asset turnover,  and receivables turnover ratio. The result can be differences in market valuation, as investors reward those companies showing clearly better ratio results than their competitors. The reverse can also occur, where adverse financial ratios can trigger enough shareholder pressure that the board of directors may feel compelled to terminate the employment of the chief executive officer. Assessing the health of a company in which you want to invest involves measuring its liquidity.

Be mindful of seasonality and how temporarily fluctuations in account balances may impact month-over-month ratio calculations. Then, a company analyzes how the ratio has changed over time (whether it is improving, the rate at which it is changing, and whether the company wanted the ratio to change over time). The ratios are built from items coming from a company’s income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.

Market Value Ratios

Further, the country had a female head of state for 18 of the last 50 years. Norway also reaches parity in enrolment rates in primary education and tertiary education. However, gender parity on the Economic Opportunity and Participation (80%) subindex Differences Between For-Profit & Nonprofit Accounting – though recovered slightly since the last edition – is still 1.8 percentage points below the 2016 level. Since 2016, the gender gap in estimated earned income has shrunk and full parity in technical roles has been achieved and maintained.

Labour-force participation parity is at 88.1%, though only 25.6% of the senior officials are women. Overall, Viet Nam is at 74.9% parity on the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex. Brazil’s parity at 72.6% is 57th globally and at its highest parity level since 2006.

Return on Assets

Monitoring a company’s Current Ratio over time helps in assessing its financial trajectory. For instance, if a company’s Current Ratio was 2 last year but is 1.5 this year, it may suggest that its liquidity has slightly decreased, which could be a cause for further investigation. They can rate and compare one company against another that you might be considering How to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Startup investing in. The term “ratio” conjures up complex and frustrating high school math problems, but that need not be the case. Ratios can help make you a more informed investor when they’re properly understood and applied. A company that pays out $1 million in total dividends and has a net income of $5 million has a dividend payout ratio of 0.2.

These ratios compare the debt levels of a company to its assets, equity, or annual earnings. Liquidity ratios measure a company’s ability to meet its debt obligations using its current assets. When a company is experiencing financial difficulties and is unable to pay its debts, it can convert its assets into cash and use the money to settle any pending debts with more ease. It represents a company’s ability to pay current liabilities with assets that can be converted to cash quickly. Market-prospect ratios make it easier to compare the stock price of a publicly traded company with other financial ratios.


This marks a 0.2 percentage-point increase in the parity score since the last edition. Canada improved by 0.5 percentage points and the United States by 0.2 percentage points. Parity in wage equality for similar work and estimated earned income increased in both countries. At 35% parity, the region has the second-highest score, after Europe, on the Political Empowerment subindex. Based on the constant sample of countries there has been a 0.6 percentage-point improvement in parity since 2022.

financial ratios examples

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