JANNAH Chai Special 7.05oz/200g x 24

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Loose leaf tea made of pure Ceylon black tea, cut cinnamon, cut cardamom, cut clove and ginger, cut nutmeg, and chai flavoring.

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Wholesale Price $51.99 incl. Tax$55.99 incl. Tax

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About JANNAH: For generations, Sri Lanka tea has been known as Ceylon tea. Behind Ceylon tea is a heritage and success story like no other. Ceylon, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, carries the proud name of the third largest exporter in the world, satisfying 17% of the global demand and reputed for its signature taste and aroma. The best teas at JANNAH are cultivated in 03 growing areas (High grown, Medium grown, and Low grown) under ideal climate conditions that contribute to the rich harvest all throughout the year. Our experts have carefully handpicked a selection of tea from the premier tea estates around the Island of Ceylon. JANNAH tea is also the cleanest tea in the world in terms of pesticide residues – a fact confirmed by the ISO Technical Committee. Far from just being a scientific wonder, the panoramic tea gardens of Sri Lanka give a countless number of JANNAH blends their premium value.

A collection of teas have been specially selected by our Experience Tea Tasters with the objective of variety, individuality, and the spectrum of taste and aroma that only the JANNAH tea makers know and relish. JANNAH teas are special and limited in availability, some rare, and all a representation of the finest teas in Sri Lanka.



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